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Vantage sophistication means style, elegance, simplicity, convenience, flexibility, security, and sensibility. Vantage home automation systems are readily adaptable to changing lifestyles and technologies, allowing a truly long-term benefit. Remarkably, Vantage provides the full range of home automation to both new and existing homes.

Vantage systems are the smartest and most advanced in the industry. Vantage components allow you to install an entire home system, or to install a more limited system, with the option to expand room by room at a later date. In addition, Vantage wireless radio controls allow full-feature automation in existing homes, without installing new wires.

Vantage automation systems often begin with lighting. Lighting scenes are designed to set the right light levels for a mood, task, or activity. However, Vantage is much more than lighting. From theaters and thermostats to sprinklers and spas, a Vantage system can be the master control for your home. Professionals from all over the world have come to rely on Vantage as the most flexible of automation systems for unified control of the home.

Vantage simplifies life, as you no longer need to learn and understand a myriad of different and conflicting control systems.

For example, a simple BATH button can close the blinds, turn on the lights, start the fan, and fill the tub to a preset level and temperature.

A GOODNIGHT button near the beside eliminates the nightly rounds by automatically locking the doors, activating the security system, setting back the thermostat, closing the blinds, turning off unwanted lights, and ensuring the garage door is down.

With a single THEATER button press, the popcorn popper starts, the screen is lowered, blinds are closed, lights slowly fade, and the show begins. Unaware of activity outside the theater, Vantage can alert you by blinking lights and/or bringing up remote camera views on screen when, for instance, the doorbell rings, there is a sound from the nursery, or there is wave motion in the pool. A convenient PAUSE button raises the lights slightly and plays soft music until you are ready to resume.

Many scenes are triggered automatically by scheduling, or by various sensors that detect motion, temperature, light level, or the opening of a door. This means you do not even need to press a button.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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