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Like nature, a Lutron® HomeWorks® total home lighting control system helps to define your day, your tasks, and the way you feel. The system is designed to bring all the light that surrounds you conveniently under your control—to make your life more productive and efficient or more relaxed, and more secure.

Every room has a different function—or many different functions. Whether you are controlling the lights in the fitness center or the wine cellar, the family room or the kitchen, flexibility is the operative word in today’s functional home, and lighting control plays a major role. Lutron® gives you total customized control. Once you have selected the light levels that meet your personal requirements, the HomeWorks® system remembers your settings. By only having necessary lighting on and set to the required level, energy is conserved and the environment benefits.

Lutron®’s commitment to total lighting control is evident in a full-line of electronic window enhancements that are acclaimed for their technology and silent operation. With Sivoia QED™ you can select from shades with varying opacities: minimal to filter damaging ultraviolet rays while retaining the view; nearly opaque to add more privacy; and blackout shades to completely block outside light—perfect for home theater applications.

Lutron®’s HomeWorks® system, once reserved only for new homes, can now be part of any primary residence, luxury apartment, vacation home, or even yacht. Technological advancements open the possibility for installations in older and historic homes as well as simple add-ons to existing homes or renovations. These advancements offer an unprecedented level of convenience, revolutionizing the notion of total home lighting control systems.

Lutron® invented the solid-state dimmer over 40 years ago, and since then has developed a peerless reputation for quality. Lutron® is the provider of lighting controls for many world renowned locations.

A HomeWorks® owner will tell you that once you have experienced total home lighting control, you will never again settle for the limitations of on and off.

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