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LightolierŪ Controls uses distributed electronic processors; each dimming control contains its own intelligence. This simplifies the designing of a controls application, facilitates installation, reduces cost, and improves reliability. Our product design philosophy is to provide advanced lighting control function while maintaining simple user operations. Both one-time and everyday users find LightolierŪ Controls products to be friendly and easy to operate.

LightolierŪ Controls products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. The highly skilled manufacturing personnel at our electronics plant employ precise, state-of-the-art robotic assembly technology and computerized testing methods, thus maintaining stringent high-quality standards.

For your lighting control applications, LightolierŪ Controls gives you one of the widest selections of controls found in the lighting and control industry. This provides you with the flexibility to select from a variety of high-quality dimmer and control system solutions. Select from basic slide dimmers to full-function centralized control systems.

Controls add not only functionality to a room, but also overall beauty, effect, and ambience. Without controls, it is a light fixture. With the right control, you can create elegance, drama, effect, and a feeling of undeniable comfort.

Permit S & F Electric to provide you with the expert ideas, installation, and service.

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