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The time is drawing near when all new homes will be fully automated in an integrated manner. In addition to economizing on time and effort, so crucial to most of us in this day-and-age, the convenience of automation can provide security and cost savings as well as comfort. Whether choosing to wire a new house being built or changing switches in an existing residence to function wirelessly, a home control system can have an immense impact on one’s day-to-day living.

Although separate control mechanisms are available for various systems within a residence, e.g. lighting, climate, security, home entertainment, landscape care, it is when these independent mechanisms are united under a common control system that the benefits of living in a “smart” home are realized and appreciated. Additionally, an integrated system can be accessed remotely when unanticipated events change your schedule.

Home control systems allow for the design of one-button schemes, so various conditions can perform different scenarios. For instance, your children come home from school within a particular time window. When their personalized code disarms the security system, the home control system can be programmed to re-arm the windows and all but one door, turn on the kitchen and family room lights, and then notify you through a remote access device that this scenario has been activated.

It is essential that your home control systems installer and your electrician share their wiring plans. There is a safety and potential cost-savings advantage to using an electrician who specializes and is certified in installing and programming these devices. This is also true for preparing a vintage, historic, or other fine existing residence to function wirelessly without installation of control and communication wires which can potentially damage walls.

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